Why do we save the top tier of a wedding cake?

Posted: 15th Feb 2015

Have your ever wondered why, when you mention your wedding cake, people ask if you would like to save the top tier? As experts in this field we thought we would explain all.

Top tier redecorated for the Christening

The Story

Traditionally, in the UK, a wedding cake was made of three tiers of boozy rich fruit cake. The bottom layer was cut at the reception and the middle one distributed to guests and well-wishers. The top tier of the cake was kept to use during the christening celebration for their first child, which everyone believed would come within the year following the wedding. It gave many an economical bride an excuse to justify a slight splurge for this special day.

Nowadays, although it is less common to have an entire wedding cake made in fruit, this tradition of preserving the top tier for the christening or even the first anniversary is still a popular choice for newlyweds. There’s sentiment and the superstition of good luck and prosperity that is believed to occur when couples enjoy a piece of their cake one year later. Others say it’s simply a way to bring a literal piece of your wedding day into your lives again on a momentous, celebratory occasion.


Traditional fruit cake is the best type of cake to preserve as it has a long shelf life, and unlike most other flavours it tastes better as it matures. If the fruit cake is not going to be eaten within six to nine months, it is best to freeze it to preserve it for longer.

Many of our customers, here at Final Touch Cakes like to honour this tradition and we have included some photos to show the wedding cake and how we have incorporated it into a Christening cake.